Tell Me About Metal Prints

Metal Prints

Your favorite moments are fused onto aluminum sheets for prints that are water, scratch, and UV resistant, easy to hang, and simply gorgeous.

Well loved by the aerospace industry for being both lightweight and enormously durable, aluminum has been adopted as my signature medium for those characteristics, as well as its reflective quality that makes your photos luminous with color and high resolution detail.



Customers love rectangle shapes for their versatility. This classic shape gorgeously displays photos in both landscape and portrait orientation.

In sizes 5″x 7″ – 40″x 60″




Embracing the age of Instagram, our square shapes convert your favorite shots into ready-to-hang works of art. Consider using a square as a unique focal point, or using many together on a gallery wall.

In sizes 5″x 5″ – 30″ x 30″


Bring rooms to life with these large-scale centerpieces. Celebrate your panoramas of landscapes, skylines, sunsets, and artworks.

In sizes 8″ x 24″ – 20″ x 60″



Circles & Ovals

A modern take on the traditional portrait shape, our circles and ovals are perfect for yearly school photos, wedding shots, or any professional portrait.


Designer Shapes

Add a touch of glamour to your decor by printing your photo on one of our striking designer shapes. For gorgeous results, combine with stunning land- or cityscapes for breathtaking effect.


Surfaces: White or Silver

A white surface brightens color and brings out the best in all kinds of photos. This is the safest bet for gorgeous results as the colors stay true to the original image. It is excellent for preserving detail and showcasing your image.


A silver surface provides a brilliant effect, transforming and adding new life to your images. The metal shows through the image, especially with lighter colors. This option is great with very vibrant photos and black and white images without people.


Please Note: On the silver surface, whites become metallic silver and light colors can become washed out. Some of the fine details and contrast will be lost on the silver surface.